About ForgeFront 

ForgeFront is a small team of experienced futures, policy and strategy advisers led by Sam Douglas-Bate and Gavin Moore. The company grew out of the Cabinet Office’s Priority Project’s Unit (PPU), an internal team dealing with the UK Government’s most important policy and project challenges. Gavin and Sam have deep experience working on areas related to international relations, the environment, trade and manufacturing, crypto, and the charitable sector. We have worked for the UK Government, the European Union and international governments. 

The primary focus of ForgeFront is futures and policy work. Our ‘USP’ is linking futures thinking to tangible public policy delivery. As part of this we are a supplier to the UK Government through the Futures Procurement Framework, a closed list of trusted partners of government. We are also on a framework for research and innovation. We are members of the Association of Professional Futurists, the Global Futures Society and have many close links with colleagues and institutions across the world. We also have a strong partnership with the American company Good Judgment Inc – founded by Professor Philip Tetlock, author of Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction 

We have developed a bespoke methodology called ‘future.ctrl’ which allows our clients to identify future scenarios, threats and opportunities and then design, implement and track policies and strategies to deliver desired outcomes.  

ForgeFront is a deliberately small business with a flat structure and entrepreneurial mindset. We love embracing uncertainty, being curious and thinking deeply about our clients’ needs. 

Why we need someone 

We are in the fortunate position that our work has more demand than we can meet as two directors, we are therefore hiring two new positions in 2024: (i) a futures and policy executive and (ii) a futures and policy manager. These are exciting opportunities to be one of the first founding members of our team. You will need to love all the challenges and freedoms that creating a new business can bring.

Who we are looking for 

People working in our sector tend to bring their own unique skills, experience and background to the role. We inhabit a very specific industry where there is no rigid career path. There is therefore no ‘one-size-fits-all’ futures and foresight professional. If you’re on the fence about whether you would be right, don’t worry …. apply! 

The role 

Futures and Policy Executive (£25,000 per annum) 

You will be our most important day-to-day implementer, working directly on the coalface with exciting clients on a range of fascinating futures and policy projects.  

Important ones, but not game-changers 

  • Interest in future trends and events, from Artificial Intelligence to Synthetic Biology.  
  • Interest in international public policy, from geopolitics to health systems. 
  • Previous work in a policy or strategy-related role. 
  • Comfortable working in a relationship with a client, exceeding expectations wherever you can. 
  • Top-drawer written communication with good attention to detail on proofing errors. 
  • Flexibility and being okay with uncertainty. 

Very nice-to-haves 

  • Existing understanding of futures thinking and foresight. 
  • Design and comms experience: WordPress, Podcastle, Brevo, Canva, Miro and PowerPoint. 
  • Good data and mathematical understanding. 
  • Research experience: Elicit, Scite, EPPI Reviewer, Brandwatch, ABI / Inform. 

The sort of mindset we are looking for 

We like working with people who are cautious, humble and non-deterministic. The best in our profession are open-minded about the future and love updating their views when new data or evidence emerges. We think it’s important to be pragmatic, proportional and thoughtful at work. 

Other info 

  • We love flexible working and hope you do too!  Work the hours that suit you, provided it’s 35 per week. 
  • Work from where you want. We are 95% remote at the moment, but we like to meet up from time to time (usually in London). 
  • We occasionally need to visit clients both in the UK and abroad. 
  • 25 days annual leave per year (+ bank holidays and birthdays), with an additional two days added in your second year. 
  • While we have no doubt it’ll work, each role will have a probation period. 

Application process 

We will be running the recruitment in three stages. 

  • Stage 1: nothing fancy, please send a CV and covering letter, outlining why you would be a match for the role, to info@forgefront.co.uk. Please include your name and the job title in the subject heading. 
  • We know how it is with some bigger companies. While we can’t promise detailed feedback to each and every person during Stage 1, we will be in touch with you all after the deadline to let you know the outcome.  
  • Deadline: Friday 31 May 2024 
  • Stage 2 (June 2024): a foresight and forecasting task. Don’t worry! We’ll explain more when the time comes. 
  • Stage 3 (July 2024): final relaxed interview with Gavin and Sam. 

We think the whole process should take about 2 months, so we would love you to start with us in Q3 2024. 

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